204: Better Automation Through Abstraction

This session focuses on enhancing automation through abstraction and modularity. Adopt a developer’s mindset for more efficient, user-friendly workflows

This course is coming soon. Check back here for registration details in the coming weeks.

Course Overview

Rewst 203 focuses on enhancing automation through the principles of abstraction and modularity. This course aims to instill a developer-like mindset, facilitating the creation of more streamlined and efficient automated workflows. It covers key concepts in breaking down complex tasks into manageable components.

Learning Objectives

  • Adopting a Developer’s Mindset: Cultivate thinking patterns that prioritize efficiency and effectiveness in automation.

  • Principles of Abstraction and Modularity: Learn to simplify complex tasks and create reusable workflow components.

  • DRY and KISS in Automation: Embrace the principles of not repeating yourself and keeping automations simple and straightforward.

  • Designing User-Friendly Workflows: Focus on creating workflows that are easy to configure, flexible, and adaptable to different use cases.

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