Google Workspace Admin SDK Integration Setup

Creating a New Project

  1. Navigate to the Google Cloud Console: Open your web browser and go to

  2. Open the Manage Resources Page: Locate the navigation menu (hamburger icon) in the top left corner and click on it. Then, select "IAM & Admin" and choose "Manage Resources."

  3. Create a New Project: Click the "CREATE PROJECT" button at the top of the page.

  4. Name Your Project: Provide a descriptive name for your project. This name will help you identify it later.

  5. Select Organization (Optional): If applicable, choose the organization that this project will belong to. You can also leave this as "No organization" if necessary.

  6. Choose Location (Optional): Select a location for your project. This choice may affect resource availability and pricing.

  7. Create the Project: Click the "CREATE" button to finalize the project creation process.

Obtaining Client ID and Secret

  1. Select Your Project: From the project drop-down menu at the top of the page, choose the GCP project you just created.

  2. Access the API Library: In the left-hand navigation menu, locate and click on "APIs & Services," then select "Library."

  3. Search for the Admin SDK API: Within the API Library, use the search bar to find the "Admin SDK API" and select it from the results.

  4. Enable the Admin SDK API: On the Admin SDK API page, click the "ENABLE" button to activate the API for your project.

  5. Create OAuth Consent Screen: Go back to the "APIs & Services" menu and select "OAuth consent screen."

  6. Choose User Type: Select the appropriate user type for your application. Choose "Internal" for this.

  7. Configure OAuth Consent Screen: Provide the necessary information about your application, including the App name, User support email, and optionally an App logo. Click "SAVE AND CONTINUE."

  8. Add Scopes: In the "Scopes" tab, click "ADD OR REMOVE SCOPES." Select the specific scopes that your application requires access to.

  9. Search Admin SDK in the search box, and select all related scopes.

  10. Click "UPDATE" once you've selected the necessary scopes.

  11. Create Credentials: Navigate to the "Credentials" tab within "APIs & Services." Click on "CREATE CREDENTIALS" and choose "OAuth client ID" from the drop-down menu.

  12. Choose Application Type: Select the type of application you are building (e.g., Web application, Android, iOS, etc.).

  13. Configure Client ID: Provide a name for your client ID and enter the following URL under "Authorized Redirect URIs":

  1. Obtain Client ID and Secret: After creation, you will be presented with a pop-up window containing your client ID and client secret.

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