How to Add and Remove Users

How to Add and Remove Users

Adding users into Rewst allows them access to build workflows, view forms, or update configuration items like integrations or organization variables. When adding a user there are 3 different permission options:

Adding a user to Rewst won’t send out an invite to the user but acts as “whitelisting” and gives the user a specified level of access. Once added, they can access Rewst via the main link or via form links that you provide, depending on their permissions.

Currently, each user can only be associated with one Rewst organization. This means that when you’re adding a user to your organization, they will have access to all of your top-level and customer organizations. Adding a customer will only give them access to their company information.

How to Add a User to a Top-Level Organization

To give a user at your organization access, first double-check that the selected organization in the org selector is set to your organization.

From there, you can follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings → Authorized Users.

  2. Click the + icon to add the user.

  3. Enter the email of the user and select their role in the menu.

How to Add a Customer

Make sure you have the correct organization selected for your customer and then follow the same steps as above.

You can change the organization by clicking the selector on the top menu. You can type in the search bar to find the specific organization to narrow down your search.

How to Remove a Customer

If you have admin or member permissions, you can remove a user by navigating to Settings:

From there, you can follow these steps:

  1. Select the “Users” section.

  2. Click the trash icon to remove the user.

Once completed, the user will be removed from Rewst. If needed, you can always add them back by inviting them again.

Removing a user won’t remove any workflows they’ve built or delete any activity in the platform such as results of workflows or edits they made to forms.

How can I add a large batch of users?

If you have a lot of users to add from your organization or one of your customers, we’ve got a workflow for that. Reach out to the ROC Team via and ask them to set up the “Invite Group Members to Rewst” Crate for your environment.

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