Embracing The Microsoft Minute

What is this quirky cloud conundrum, and what do I do about it?

Decoding the Microsoft Minute

In the world of IT, the "Microsoft Minute" lightheartedly encapsulates the unpredictable nature of time in digital tasks. It's not your standard sixty seconds; it's an elastic stretch of time that can feel like a quick blip or stretch into what feels like an eternity.

When Does the Microsoft Minute Strike?

  1. During Setup and Provisioning: It's common to encounter a Microsoft Minute when establishing new accounts or setting up integrations, as these processes sometimes run on their own unique timeline.

  2. Throughout Integration Processes: When syncing new systems or applying configurations, a Microsoft Minute can manifest, especially if immediate system responses are not forthcoming.

  3. Post-Migration Adaptation: Following migrations to new platforms, experiencing a Microsoft Minute is typical as systems adjust and updates propagate.

Embracing the Unpredictable

While we may not know the exact science behind the duration of a Microsoft Minute, it’s a part of our MSP life. So, why not make the most of it? Here's a Rewst-inspired list to transform your next Microsoft Minute into a mini-adventure:

  1. Exercise Your Clicking Finger: A few desk-side stretches or mouse-clicking exercises can keep you agile for the next automation challenge.

  2. Dive into a Digital Detour: Take a quick scroll through our Getting Started resources or a brief dive into our electives – who knows what nuggets of wisdom you’ll find?

  3. Revamp Your Digital Persona: Update your professional profile picture or give your desktop background a fresh look.

  4. Become a Jinja Ninja: Check out 103 - Jinja Essentials for Workflow Automation

  5. Craft a Code Comment Masterpiece: Get creative with your workflow notes – maybe give RoboRewsty a try?

  6. Step Outside the Server Room: A quick stroll can refresh your mind and bring new perspectives to your workflow designs.

  7. Read The MSP KB: You never know what MSP secrets you might uncover.

  8. Origami Your Workflows: Turn those old workflow diagrams into paper art.

  9. Share a meme: Navigate to Discord to commiserate with your fellow Kewp Members.

  10. Perform a Desk Swivel Spin: Because why not?


The Microsoft Minute is our nod to the unpredictability of technology. It's a reminder to stay adaptable, continue learning, and engage with our community to share and overcome these quirky tech moments together.

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