Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange Online provides access to Microsoft Exchange Online resources (i.e. Mailboxes, Distribution Groups, etc.).

Microsoft Exchange Online is now part of our new Microsoft Cloud Integration Bundle! 🌟 We've combined our Microsoft integrations into a single, streamlined package for easier management and enhanced security.

This individual guide is for the sections specific to Microsoft Exchange Online setup. You can learn more about the entire bundle on the Microsoft Cloud Integration Bundle page.


The Microsoft Exchange Online integration in the Rewst Microsoft Cloud Integration Bundle provides advanced email and calendar management capabilities. This integration simplifies the administration of Exchange services, enhancing productivity and security within your organization.

Key Features

  • Advanced Email Management: Manage user mailboxes, settings, and security policies efficiently.

  • Enhanced Calendar Capabilities: Facilitate better scheduling and calendar sharing across your organization.

  • Seamless Integration: Works closely with other Microsoft services for a cohesive management experience, particularly with Microsoft Graph for enhanced functionality.

Setup Instructions

The setup process starts within the Microsoft Cloud Integration Bundle page. Review Initial setup and first two steps there for further information. For Exchange Online specific permissions review step 3 below:

Step 3: Tenant Permissions

  • You will see a list of necessary permissions for Microsoft Exchange Online, which typically includes:

    • Exchange.Manage: Manage general features and settings.

    • Exchange.ManageAsApp: Manage Exchange features at the app level.

    • Full_Access_As_App: Grant full access to the app to manage Exchange.

  • Click Next to proceed to Step 4

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Authorization Issues: If you encounter problems during the authorization step, ensure that you are using the correct account and that all permissions are properly set.

  • Permission Configuration Errors: Double-check the permissions if there are issues with accessing certain functionalities. Ensure that the appropriate permissions are enabled and correctly configured.

For troubleshooting tips, check out the Troubleshooting Installation Issues and Common Issues with Microsoft Bundle pages.

Best Practices for Microsoft Integrations

For best practice information please refer to: Best Practices for Microsoft Integrations.

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