Alpha Interest Submissions

Already imagining all the possibilities with App Platform, and can't wait to get started? Let us know!

Alpha Program Update

The Alpha Program is currently underway. If you missed the chance to express interest in the initial Alpha phase, don't worry - information regarding the Beta phase will be announced soon. Should you have a use case requiring immediate access, please contact your customer success manager directly, or reach out on Discord, and state your case. :)

Eligibility Criteria & Self Assessment

  • Rewst Customers: Only current Rewst customers are eligible for Alpha Access.

  • Skills & Technologies: Assess your comfort level with Jinja, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Be honest in your self-evaluation.

Skills Assessment

  • Rating Scale: Use the star rating (1-5) to indicate your proficiency in each technology.

  • Jinja: Understanding of template engine concepts.

  • HTML & CSS: Familiarity with web page structure and styling.

  • JavaScript: Basic to advanced JavaScript skills.

Readiness and Preparation

  • Cluck University Completion: Indicate your progress. Whether you're certified or in the process, it's important to have foundational knowledge prior to access into the platform.

  • Adaptability and Problem-Solving: Describe your approach to technical challenges, especially in uncertain or evolving scenarios. We're looking for people who know how to think outside the box and solve problems creatively, collaboratively, and/or independently rather than waiting for guidance. Prove to us this is you. :)


  • Use Case Identification: Share how you plan to use the App Platform in your work. Focus on specific problems you aim to solve. Don't just say you think it's a cool toy and you like new toys. What will you do with it? How would something like this help you?

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