What is a Crate?


A crate bundles workflows, forms, triggers, templates, scripts, and other essential components required for a specific function. These are usually built and curated by our ROC team or from our community to facilitate easy deployment.

Unpacking a Crate

  1. Access the Crate Marketplace:

  2. Select Your Crate:

    • Browse through the marketplace to find your desired crate or use its direct link.

    • Click on the chosen crate to view its details and requirements.

  3. Review and Adjust Settings:

    • (Optional) Rename the Workflow as per your preference.

    • Set or adjust any thresholds if available.

    • Choose relevant integrations or options.

  4. Manage Triggers:

    • You might encounter a screen prompting you to enable or disable specific triggers.

    • Ensure you're only enabling the triggers that are relevant to you, and adding any necessary customizations required by your business logic here to avoid overwriting on updates.

  5. Finalize:

    • Click on the Unpack button.

    • Once done, you can test the crate (e.g., create a ticket in your PSA and observe the results).

Remember, unpacking essentially prepares the crate for your organization. After unpacking, always check its performance to ensure it's functioning as expected.

Example Crate Configuration

You can see what integrations that are required for each Crate and choose to enable for this organization or all managed organizations.

If you enable a workflow but the client doesn't have the required integration, you will receive a warning and a link to set that up as required.

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