Cloning an existing Form

There may be times when you want to take an existing form and make slight modifications to apply it to another use case. For example, you may be using the “Client: New Employee” workflow to onboard new users and want to have two different forms:

  1. One for when you hire internal users at your organization

  2. One for adding users for your customers

This is a great use case for cloning a form.

How to Clone and Edit a Form

To clone and edit a form, you can follow these steps:

  1. Select Forms from the Automation menu.

  2. Click the three vertical dots and select the Clone option on the form you want to clone.

  3. Rename your form to something unique and define a few other fields:

    • New Name: the new name of the cloned form, make sure this is something unique and describes the use case for the form.

    • Organization: the organization that the form will reside under.

      • This doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to select the customer that the form will be for. The best practice is to have the form live at the top-level organization. The customers are tied to the relevant form by a trigger in the workflow. More information can be found in the Intro to Triggers article.

  4. Click the Clone button to see your cloned form.

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