How to Reference Data with Variables


Unlock the full potential of your Rewst automation by mastering the intricacies of data handling in workflows. Rewst serves as a powerful tool connecting disparate systems, allowing seamless data integration through APIs, webhooks, and automated workflows. In this video, we'll guide you through the essential steps of understanding and testing data inputs, ensuring precision in your automation processes.

Context Matters:

  • Learn how data from triggers, like forms, exists within the context of a workflow.

  • Explore the Context Editor to examine incoming data, including variables and data aliases.

  • Discover the power of Jinja calls within the context to verify data accuracy before integrating it into a workflow.

Result Variables and Data Aliases:

  • Delve into the significance of result variables in actions, using Microsoft actions as an example.

  • Understand the structure of result data and value in an action to reference specific information.

  • Simplify workflows by creating data aliases, such as, to streamline the referencing of group object parameters.

Tasks Variable:

  • Explore the tasks variable as an action-agnostic method to reference data from various workflow actions.

  • Learn how to efficiently utilize the tasks variable to access data from past actions, enhancing the flexibility of your workflows.

Data Aliases vs. Published Result As:

  • Differentiate between data aliases and publish-result-as in actions.

  • Understand how publish-result-as provides a general result, while data aliases offer granular, specific data referencing.

  • Gain insights into creating variables from specific data sets within an object using data aliases.

Conclusion and Exploration

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