Support Priorities

At Rewst, we're committed to providing top-notch support to our community. To ensure that we're addressing your needs effectively, we've established a priority system for support requests

Here's what each level means:


Critical issues are those that severely impact your operations and require immediate attention. This includes situations where an automation that is in production is not working as expected and is required for a system-critical part of the MSP.


High-priority issues are significant but not immediately threatening to your operations. These might include situations where an automation that is in production is not working as expected, but it affects a non-system critical part of the MSP.


Medium-priority issues are those that cause inconvenience but don't significantly impact your operations. These could include non-critical functionality problems or issues that have workarounds.


Low-priority issues are minor inconveniences that don't impact your operations. These might include cosmetic issues, general inquiries, or feature requests.
Our ROC team is dedicated to addressing your support requests based on these priority levels. We aim to respond to Critical issues as swiftly as possible, with other issues addressed in order of their priority level.

Need Escalation?

If you believe your support query requires some level of escalation, we understand. Flexibility is important to us, and we're here to accommodate your needs. Please contact Adam or your Customer Success Manager (CSM) via the Contact page.