Support Priorities

At Rewst, our approach to support requests is both client-focused and realistic. We classify requests into four priority levels: Critical, High, Medium, and Low.

Below are the definitions, examples, and our response objectives for each level.

Please note that these objectives are goals aimed at guiding our response times and should not be interpreted as rigid Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Here's what each level means:


Definition: Issues that severely impact your operations and require immediate attention. This includes situations where an automation in production is not working as expected and is essential for a system-critical part of the MSP.

Example: An in-production workflow crucial for client data backup fails, posing a risk of significant data loss.

Response Objective: Our goal is to respond to Critical issues as swiftly as possible, typically within 30 minutes of notification.


Definition: Significant issues that are not immediately threatening to your operations. These might include situations where an automation in production is not functioning as expected, but it affects a non-system critical part of the MSP.

Example: A ticket routing automation in production is not categorizing tickets correctly, causing delays but not stopping the workflow.

Response Objective: We aim to respond to High-priority issues within 2 working hours.


Definition: Issues that cause inconvenience but don't significantly impact your operations. These could include non-critical functionality problems or issues that have workarounds.

Example: An in-production workflow for generating monthly client reports is producing inconsistent formatting, but the data remains accurate and the reports are still usable.

Response Objective: Medium-priority issues are typically addressed within 6 working hours.


Definition: Minor inconveniences that don't impact your operations. These might include cosmetic issues, general inquiries, or feature requests. This would also include all requests that are around building of new workflows / testing etc, rather than something that is actively in production.

Example: Requests for changes or additions to workflows currently in the testing or building phase, or a request for a new feature in a non-critical automation.

Response Objective: Our team strives to address Low-priority issues within 8 working hours.

Need Escalation?

If you believe your support query requires some level of escalation, we understand. Flexibility is important to us, and we're here to accommodate your needs. Please contact Adam or your Customer Success Manager (CSM) via the Contact page. You can also ping us in Discord, knock on our doors or throw something through our windows - our focus is on making you guys happy.

Operating Hours and Holiday Availability

At Rewst, we are committed to providing exceptional support while also respecting the work-life balance of our international team. Here’s what you can expect in terms of our operating hours and availability during holidays.

Standard Operating Hours

ROC Support Operating Hours: Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time. During these hours, our team is actively available to address your support requests based on the priority levels outlined above.

Extended Support and Flexibility

While our official operating hours are until 8 PM EST, our team often goes above and beyond to assist customers outside of these times. This extended support is not guaranteed and should not be expected as the norm. However, you can always tag a request as required, and if someone is available to help, they will do their best to assist you.

Holiday Availability

As a US-based company, our official holidays align with those in the United States. However, due to our international team members, there is often someone available even on US holidays. This means that for issues, you may still receive support even during these times, though response times might be longer than usual.

Notable Points:

  • Extended Support: This is a discretionary effort from our team members and not an official part of our service agreement.

  • Holiday Support: While we strive to provide assistance during US holidays, this is subject to the availability of our international team members.

Acknowledgements and Gratitude

We want to express our gratitude to our dedicated team members who frequently go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Their commitment to excellence is a cornerstone of the service we provide at Rewst.

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