Collecting Diagnostics with Browser Developer Tools

At times, the ROC Support team needs further information to better solve your issue. When asked to provide a HAR file, follow the steps below.

Sanitizing your HAR file prior to sending to support:

If you would like to sanitize your HAR file prior to sending it to our support team you can utilize tools such as:

Cloudflare - HAR Sanitizer

For more information on why you would want to sanitize your HAR file please refer to:

Introducing HAR Sanitizer: secure HAR sharing (from Cloudflare)

Creating and Exporting HAR Files

  1. Open Chrome

  2. Navigate to the page where the issue is occurring.

  3. Press F12 to open the developer console.

  4. Click the Network tab from the panel

  1. Find the record button in the upper left corner of the tab

  1. Confirm the record button is red.

    • If it's grey, click the button to start recording.

  2. Reproduce the issue while the ‘Network’ tab is open.

  1. Click Export HAR, to download and save the HAR file

  1. Provide the HAR file via Discord or via the ticket for ROC support to review.

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