Getting Started

Welcome to Rewst! In this section, we'll cover everything you need to know to start automating your organization's processes and workflows using Rewst. Whether you're new to automation or have some experience with it, this section will guide you through the steps necessary to get up and running with Rewst.

Learning objectivesโ€‹

  • Understand the Rewst Automation Platform: First, we'll dive right into the platform to walk through where your automation will begin and continue as you grow in your awesome automation skills!

  • Understand Automation Best Practices: Next, we'll introduce important principles and best practices that will prepare you for your journey across the great world of automation.

  • How to Go from Theory to Practice: With sword and shield in hand (figuratively... I mean, what is this, a Zelda game?), you'll need some practice! We'll work through an exercise of scoping out a business process for automation.

  • How to Get Started Building on the Platform: Finally, we'll build a simple Hello World automation to put our learning into practice. Once complete, you'll be ready to take on the challenges before, starting with the Rewst Foundations Training.

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