Adding a new Client Via Microsoft CSP

For a more streamlined process for adding new clients, check our Add Client to RewstCrate installation page.

Step One

The first part of adding a client is to create them within Rewst itself. The easiest way to do this is to add them via the Microsoft CSP Integration. Navigate on the left navigation menu to Configuration β†’ Integrations β†’ Microsoft CSP.

You will see a list of your clients on the left and can filter using the options across the top. On the right, you will see the empty dropdown as per the image above. You will be asked to enter a name. Note this is the name of the organization within Rewst, we recommend you match this with the company in the PSA to make it identifiable quicker. Press the green + icon to the right of the dropdown

Once you click Submit, the dropdown will auto-fill with the client you created.

Step Two

The second step is matching the organization you created to the various companies in your other platforms, such as your PSA and RMM.

Navigate on the left navigation menu to Configuration β†’ Integrations and click through each installed integration (shown at the top).

On the right-hand side, you will see an empty dropdown for the org you made. You can either:

  1. Click "Suggest Matches" which will attempt to fuzzy match the org name. Make any necessary changes and then click Save Mappings.

  2. Manually work through each empty dropdown and select the relevant company in the integration. Click Save Mappings.

Once you have done this for each integration, you are arguably "done" and can start building workflows for those clients. There is however some additional work to do if you are adding clients to existing workflows or forms, such as the New User Onboarding workflow.

This is a recommended step for any new client and includes setting up ORG Variables for the client. You should be familiar with this process from your ROC member discussing it with you.

Navigate to Forms β†’ [ROC] Rewst: Simple Organizational Variable Form for Child Accounts β†’ Options Menu β†’ Usages β†’ View Direct URLs β†’ Select the URL for the org you added.

Our recommended fields to fill in are:

  1. Primary Identity Provider

  2. Username Format

  3. Preferred Domain Controller (only a required field if using Ninja right now)

  4. Preferred ADConnect Server (required if using ADConnect)

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