June 7th, 2024

Explore the new changes to the Marketplace in the last week!

This can be anything from new crates, enhancements, or bug fixes!

New crates and enhancements
  • Alert When Users Mailboxes are Reaching Quota

    • Added an action to the crate that checks for an existing ticket and if one exists it updates that ticket or at least does not create a new ticket.

    • Added ability to exclude mailboxes from alerting with a comma delimited list in the org variable excluded_quota_monitoring_emails

Bug fixes and chores
  • Amend Calendar Permission on User

    • Fixed check_delegate action Jinja where CTX.delegate_type always returning false due to being a list.

Coming soon!
  • Rewst: User Offboarding

    • On-prem AD support

  • Document M365 Environment

    • Support for Hudu

  • Document User Details

    • Support for Hudu

  • Document Group Details

    • Support for Hudu

  • Document Shared Mailbox Details

    • Support for Hudu

  • Liongard MFA Remediation

    • Liongard detects when MFA is not enabled properly, logs it to a PSA ticket, Rewst enables MFA and updates the ticket.

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