Kaseya VSA Integration Setup

This Integration supports multiple instances

Check out the instructions to set up multiple instances here.

OAuth Account Setup

  1. Log in to Rewst and go to Integrations select Kaseya.

  2. Copy the Call back URL to the clipboard.

  3. Log in to Kaseya.

  4. Click on System β†’ Server Management β†’ OAuth Clients.

  5. Select Register Client and supply the following:

    • Client Name (RewstAPI)

    • Redirect URL (From Rewst Kaseya integration page)

    • Email (email@address.com)

  6. Click Save.

  7. Copy the information from the pop-up to your clipboard.

  8. Return to the Kaseya integration page and enter the values:

    • Hostname: (ie rmm.company.com)

    • Client ID: (From Kaseya OAuth page)

    • Client Secret: (From Kaseya OAuth page)

  9. Click Save.

If your setup was successful you should see a confirmation.

If your VSA is behind a firewall, WAF has IIS Re-write rules, or has the Kaseya edge firewall configuration in place you will need to add to the allowed list (tcp/443).

Rewst Agent Procedure Import

To perform actions on agent end points in Rewst you will need to import the file Procedure RewstPoshCommand.xml into the VSA.

It is important that you do not change or modify this file in any way.

Please do not rename the procedure once imported.

  1. Download the file Procedure Rewst (Powershell).xml.

  1. Log in to your VSA.

  2. Go to System β†’ Server Management β†’ Import Center.

  3. Select New Import.

  4. Name it Rewst (Powershell), and point it to the Procedure Rewst (Powershell).xml file.

  5. Click Process.

  6. Click Save.

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