November 18th 2022 - Jinja Conditions in Templates / Scripts

Firstly, hear Aharon talk about our latest exciting news around our Series A funding!

The team runs through how to utilise Jinja within scripts and templates to define how an e-mail may look, or the route a script can take based on the Jinja

This can be used to pass dynamic variables into your script and, for example, only show "Group Names" as a header if there are groups defined.

We then have a demo from Ryan at Dev-Source on how they are utilising the Microsoft Graph APIs to determine MFA status across their estate - and document that!

Lastly, we took some feedback on what folks wanted to see next week and answered a few questions!

Contents of the recording

Contents of the Call

This call is for people who are: Interested in building their own workflows Wanting to stay on top of new developments Just want to learn more about Rewst and participate in the community We will talk about the platform, news, some training, and any Q&A. As always, feel free to unmute and interrupt us, this is an interactive call! โ€‹

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Updates for the week
  • Check out the release notes here

Learning Topic
  • Demos

    • Jinja Templates and Scripts with Conditions

Show & Tell
  • Ryan

    • MFA Status

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