Connectwise Control

ConnectWise Control

Run commands on your ConnectWise Control agents and get logs from your sessions.

Heads up!

ConnectWise Control utilizes the CustomProperty1 property - typically referenced as Company within the UI - to store the organization name.

If you are using this property for another purpose, you will need to update the CustomProperty1 property to store the organization name.

CW RMM/Continuum Specific Setup Instructions

CW RMM/Continuum stores the company name in the CustomProperty2 value unlike other RMMs so it is necessary to reference CustomProperty2.

In your integration configuration you will want to set the following:

Organization Subgroup Expression = CustomProperty2

Root Session Group = All Machines by Company

You will also need to do the following within Control/Screenconnect.

  1. Create a session group named All Machines by Company and give it the sub group expression of CustomProperty2

  2. Create a session group named All Machines, this does not need any sub group expressions.


To allow Rewst access to your ConnectWise Control, you'll need to create a new user and allow it access to your sessions. To add a new user:

  1. Click the "Admin" button on the left hand side of the screen on your ConnectWise Control Instance.

  2. Click "Security" in the sidebar.

  3. Click "Show User Table".

  4. Click "Add User".

  5. Fill-out the required data.

  6. Ensure you select at minimum the Control Host permission.

  7. Make a note of the username, password, and TOTP secret you provide and input them below.

  8. Click "Save Configuration".


Get Session

Used to help you debug issues with your PowerShell scripts by providing logs associated with a specific connection ID.


Invoke Command

Action to run a command template on an agent.

Invoke Command Parameters

Reference Types


A reference to a "Session" within ConnectWise Control.

Session Group

A reference to a session group within ConnectWise Control.

Event Types


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