Troubleshoot API Issues from ConnectWise Logs


This guide outlines the steps for Rewst users to pull API logs from ConnectWise Manage. These logs are crucial for troubleshooting and optimizing the Rewst integration with ConnectWise.


  • Access to ConnectWise Manage with appropriate permissions.

  • Familiarity with navigating the ConnectWise Manage system.

  • Confirm that your Rewst account is correctly integrated with ConnectWise.

Step by Step Walkthrough

Step 1: Log into ConnectWise Manage & Navigate to System Settings

  • Login to ConnectWise

  • Navigate to System > Members

  • Click API Members

Here, you'll find settings specific to API interactions and configurations.

Step 2: Select the Rewst user

Under the API Members tab, locate and select the user associated with Rewst's integration.

Step 3: Open the API Logs Tab

After selecting the Rewst user:

  • Navigate to the API Logs tab.

    • This tab contains logs of all API interactions made by the user.

  • Click on the Start Debug Mode hyperlink.

    • This action opens the Start Debug Mode pop-up

Step 4: Set Debug Duration

In the Debug Mode pop-up:

  • Enter length of time (e.g. 5) in the Minutes textbox. This will capture logs for the specified duration.

  • Click the Ok button to start the debug mode.

Step 5: Replicate the Issue & Troubleshoot

  • Replicate the issue or process you are troubleshooting

  • Return to the API Logs tab.

  • Click on the Download Logs hyperlink.

Once downloaded, you can review these logs, and provide to the ROC for troubleshooting assistance.


By following these steps, Rewst users can efficiently pull API logs from ConnectWise Manage, aiding in effective troubleshooting and optimization of the Rewst-ConnectWise integration.

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