Roles & Permissions

There are some different roles available when adding a user:

  1. Admin

  2. Member

  3. Forms

  4. Read Only

Let's take a look at how these are defined.

Disclaimer: This article will be updated as Role functionality will be added over time


The Admin role is for the super user who will have access permissions to everything in their organization. They can do things like:

  • Add and remove Users

  • Add user Roles

  • View, edit, and build workflows

  • Check Results

  • Add, edit, and configure forms

  • Manage integrations and organization variables

  • Etc

At the top level organization, an Admin will be able to see all of the customer organizations and manage information there. At the customer level, An Admin will be able to access the same information for the customer organization.


The only way the Member role differs from the Admin role at this time is in that a Member does not have the permissions to change user roles like an Admin can. Further changes will be made soon so that the Member Role will not be able to do things such as adding or editing users and organizations.


The primary use case for this permission level is to provide customers or internal employees with a way to fill out forms. A user with the Forms Role will only have access to form URLs that are provided to them by an Admin or Member. This means they will not have access to the platform itself and only have the ability to view and fill out different forms for the organization or customer they're added to. This means anyone added at a customer level will only have access to forms for that customer, while a user added at the top-level organization would have access to forms from any customer organization and the top-level organization itself.

Read Only

The Read Only Role has been introduced to meet various needs. The primary use case is to grant lower-level technicians access to Rewst, enabling them to view workflow results. Additionally, it serves as a mechanism to limit access to certain features and configurations. Users with the Read Only Role can access Rewst and review data and information but are restricted from creating or updating anything within the platform.

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