How to Contribute

Welcome to the Community Corner! This is designed to be a collaborative space where members can share insights, tips, and best practices.


Rewst's Community Corner aims to foster collaboration among users of our platform. Contributions help improve our documentation, sharing knowledge and best practices. This space will evolve, and eligibility criteria for broader contributions are under consideration.

Quick-Fix Contributions

  1. Edit on GitHub: Locate the "Edit on GitHub" button within the three dots at the top right of the documentation page you wish to edit.

  2. Find & Edit File: Find the corresponding Markdown file and edit it, adhering to the pages formatting structure.

  3. Submit Pull Request: After editing, submit a pull request with a detailed description of your changes.

  4. Review: Our team will review the pull request. Upon approval, it will be merged into the live documentation.

Future Contributions: Eligibility & Criteria

Eligibility criteria for more significant contributions that go beyond basic page edits and fixes are currently under consideration and will include requirements of completion of relevant Cluck University training modules.

Some of the things that should be considered with any updates include:

  • Relevance: Contributions should focus on automation, good code hygiene, and effective use of the Rewst platform.

  • Clarity: Aim for clear, concise writing. Avoid jargon and overly technical terms.

  • Respect: Maintain a respectful and collaborative atmosphere.

  • Formatting: Use Markdown for textual elements to ensure readability and consistency.

  • Objectivity: Base contributions on verifiable information and maintain a neutral tone.

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