Welcome And Enrollment

Getting Started

To kick off your automation journey, we have an entire Getting Started section dedicated to introducing you to both automation practices as well as the Rewst Platform itself. Dive in and get your talons wet with the basics, including some exercises!

Live Training Enrollment

Next, let’s dive right in. We’ve created a six-part training plan, ideally taken over two weeks. You’ll start with building a simple form and workflow, then improve it through iteration as you move forward. The last two weeks shift to hands-on practice at your own pace. If you stick to it, you’ll have your certification in only a month!

To maximize your learning experience, it's recommended to complete the six courses in order. On-demand recordings of the sessions are available for our global audience, or rewatching at your own pace.

On-Demand Training

Suggested schedule aside, don’t let it overwhelm you: this content is also self-paced! We offer courses sequentially, but you can use the self-serve resources or attend the next watch party on your schedule.

Use the hyperlinks below to get started with each session, and let us know if you hit a roadblock along the way, or have questions in our Cluck University Discord Channel.

Learning Resources

As you get started on your Automation Journey, don't forget all the incredible resources available to you! If you want to get direct help and inspiration for building automation, don't forget to join the Kewp in Discord!

💻 On-demand YouTube videos: https://www.youtube.com/@rewst

🙋 Cluck U Office Hours: https://calendly.com/cluck-u/office-hours

💬 The Kewp (Community Chat): https://discord.gg/rewst

🎙️ Weekly Open Mic: Download the Calendar Invite here!

🎫 Submit Tickets to: the_roc@rewst.io

📝 Feature Request: https://rewst.canny.io/

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