ConnectSecure (CyberCNS)


The ConnectSecure API, offers a comprehensive approach for monitoring and managing cybersecurity aspects like agents, alerts, vulnerabilities, and more. This integration is tailored for MSPs and MSSPs to efficiently support SMB clients, ensuring robust vulnerability scanning and compliance management.

Key Features

  1. Comprehensive Cybersecurity: ConnectSecure provides a holistic approach to cybersecurity, covering vulnerability management, compliance, and active threat management.

  2. Efficiency and Automation: MSPs can efficiently manage assets, perform network discovery, and automate various security tasks, saving time and resources.

  3. Proactive Protection: The system offers proactive monitoring and response capabilities to safeguard against cyber threats in real-time.

  4. Simplified Management: ConnectSecure streamlines the management of assets, events, user permissions, and more, making it easier for MSPs to ensure security and compliance for their clients.

Configuration Requirements

  • Tenant Name: Required for integration setup.

  • Hostname: Essential for connecting to the ConnectSecure API.

  • Client ID and Secret: Necessary for authentication.

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