Customizing PSA Ticket Triggers


In Rewst, setting specific trigger criteria for PSA Ticket triggers can be crucial to ensuring that workflows are initiated only under certain conditions. This page provides a step-by-step approach to customizing these triggers.

Getting Started with Trigger Setup

  • Go to Rewst.

  • Select Workflows > Create.

  • Enter a workflow name, like Trigger Criteria Finder.

  • Click Submit to proceed to a blank workflow creation screen.

  • Add a single no-op action to the canvas, name it BEGIN and then click Publish to save your workflow. (No other actions are needed, as we will just be working with triggers.)

Accessing Trigger Configuration

Click the lightning bolt icon at the top to Add Trigger.

Setting up the Trigger

  • Name & Enable your trigger.

  • Choose the trigger type relevant to your PSA ticket system:

    • ConnectWise PSA: Ticket Record Saved.

    • Datto PSA: Ticket Webhook (Ensure webhooks are enabled as per Rewst Documentation).

    • Halo PSA: New Ticket Record.

  • Under Trigger Criteria, select the graph icon.

The trigger is now active and will capture data when a new ticket is submitted. This screen is listening for your ticket records to be saved, and will show you live results as they come in.

Testing the Trigger with a PSA Ticket

To see the trigger in action follow the below steps

Creating a Test Ticket

  • In your PSA system, create and classify a new ticket with desired criteria.

  • Submit the ticket.

  • You should see the ticket record appear in Rewst.

Once the ticket is visible in Rewst, click the pause button to stop more tickets from coming in while you're building your trigger criteria.

Selecting Criteria

Find and click the values in the ticket you want as trigger criteria. They will have their corresponding path entered into the Trigger Criteria on the right.

Finalizing and Implementing Trigger Criteria

Saving Your Criteria

  • After selecting all desired criteria, click Save then Close.

  • Your trigger criteria are now set and visible.

Applying Criteria to Workflows

  • Copy these criteria values.

  • Paste them into other workflows you are configuring.


This process allows for precise control over when your workflows are triggered, enhancing the automation's effectiveness. Experiment with different criteria to tailor your workflows to specific needs.

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