The Crate Marketplace

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Prebuilt Automation with Crates

At Rewst, we empower your business by automating essential processes, making your operations more efficient and streamlined. Whether you're looking to automate user management in Azure or Exchange Online or need comprehensive solutions for common MSP scenarios, we have you covered with our extensive range of prebuilt automation available in our Crate Marketplace.

What are Crates?

Crates are ready-to-use packages that include everything needed to automate specific tasks within your organization. They consist of workflows, triggers (which initiate the workflows), and in some cases, forms to facilitate user inputs.

Accessing the Crate Marketplace

To explore these automation options:

  1. Navigate to the Crate Section: Located on the left side of the Rewst interface.

  2. Open the Crate Marketplace: Here you'll find a vast selection of prebuilt automations designed for various use cases.

Features of the Crate Marketplace

  • Sorting and Filtering Options: You can sort and filter the available crates by maturity, popularity, or even specific tags related to certain integrations.

  • Maturity: Some crates might be in the early stages of development and marked as 'immature,' but they can still offer significant value depending on your needs.

Using a Crate

  1. Selecting a Crate: For instance, if you choose the "Configure Organization Variables" crate, you can see detailed descriptions of the included workflows, triggers, and forms.

  2. Installation and Setup: Once a crate is selected, you can unpack it to view and modify the settings before fully integrating it into your system. It’s advised to disable triggers initially to ensure everything is configured correctly before activation.

Best Practices and Recommendations

  • Trigger Management: When unpacking a crate, consider disabling the triggers to prevent immediate execution. This ensures that the automation aligns with your business processes and doesn’t trigger unintended actions.

  • Learning and Exploration: Take the opportunity to explore and learn from the workflows included in the crates. This can provide insights into further customization and optimization of the automation processes.

By leveraging Rewst's prebuilt automation, you can significantly enhance your operational efficiency and adapt quickly to various business needs. The Crate Marketplace offers a robust platform for finding and implementing the right automation solutions tailored to your needs.

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