Owned App Registration

How to leverage your own application permissions for customized integration control.


Owned App Registration within your Microsoft tenant allows for a tailored configuration and heightened security settings. This advanced option is suited for users with proficiency in their Microsoft Entra environment who require custom control over their Microsoft integrations.

Reasons to Choose Owned App Registration

  • Specialized Access: Your requirements are not natively met via Rewst's Cloud Connector.

  • Enhanced Security Control: You need control over the application for security purposes.

  • Utilization of Existing Applications: You wish to integrate with already existing applications.

Configuration Instructions

Below is a high-level walkthrough of what you need to configure your owned app in Rewst. For detailed instructions and additional support on registering/managing your own apps, refer to Microsoft's Guide to registering an application with the Microsoft identity platform.

  1. Access the Azure Portal:

  2. Create or Select an App Registration:

    • To create a new app, click New registration.

    • To use an existing app, select one from the Owned applications list.

  3. Configure Redirect URL:

    • To ensure Rewst can communicate with your app registration after authentication, and receive security tokens post-authentication, set the redirect URI to https://engine.rewst.io/integrations/bundles/microsoft_cloud/callback

  4. Gather Essential Information:

    • Note the Client ID & Generate a Client Secret under Certificates & secrets.

    • Enter these credentials when configuring the application in Rewst.

  5. Decide the Auth Subject:

    • Select common if your app registration is accessible across multiple tenants.

    • Choose Tenant ID if your registration is restricted to your own tenant, and ensure this ID is included in the Tenant ID field to generate the correct authentication URL.

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