ConnectWise Integration Setup

This document outlines the requirements and setup for the ConnectWise Manage integration.

This Integration supports multiple instances

Check out the instructions to set up multiple instances here.

Requirements (pre-Rewst)

There are a few requirements for the ConnectWise Manage integration to work that need configuring by you as the MSP.

Rewst has a number of tasks that can be performed using the ConnectWise Manage API, all of which require different permissions. You can review the ConnectWise Manage Security Roles Matrix for more information.

You will need an active CW Developer account to access the above URL.

Creating a Security Role

  1. Go to System -> Security Roles -> Click the + in the top Left.

  2. Name the Security Role "Rewst API" -> Click the save icon.

  3. Set your permission as per this document.

API Account

In order to create a new ConnectWise Manage integration, you will need to create an API account. This can be done by following the instructions.

Creating an API Member

  1. Navigate to System -> Members -> Api Members in ConnectWise Manage.

  2. Create a new API member by clicking +.

  3. Create a Member ID and Member Name.

    1. We recommend naming these "Rewst"

  4. Select Rewst API as your Role ID.

  5. Select Your Highest Level such as Corporate (Level 1).

  6. Select a Location, Department, Name, and Default Territory as per your company guidelines.

  7. Click the Save Icon at the Top.

  1. Click on the Rewst API member.

  2. Click API Keys -> "+".

  3. Add a new API Key.

  4. Add Rewst API as the Description.

  5. Click the Save Icon.

  6. Save the public and private key in a secure location.


Once you have created an API account, you will need to configure the integration within the Rewst platform.

Follow the below steps to configure a new integration:

  1. Log in to the Rewst platform.

  2. Navigate to Configuration -> Integrations.

  3. Click or search for "ConnectWise Manage".

  4. Enter the API Member ID.

  5. Add the company ID used when logging into ConnectWise Manage.

  6. Add the Hostname for ConnectWise Manage.

  7. Add the Private & Public API Key.

    1. (Optional) Change the Company Query Conditions to filter what companies are returned by the API

  8. Click Save Configuration.

Other Configurations

Once the integration has been configured within Rewst, we can use the Rewst Crate: Configure Organization Variables to configure your own custom settings and how Rewst should interact with ConnectWise Manage. Our Guide for that crate can be found here: Configure Organization Variables

Note that this form asks for information about your RMM / M365 settings as well. Whilst this form can be completed again separately, it is recommended that you also set up the integration for Microsoft Graph and your RMM.

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