Core Triggers

Core triggers in Rewst are predefined mechanisms that initiate workflows without depending on external integrations. There are five main types of core triggers currently supported by Rewst:

Always Pass

This trigger is primarily used to apply integration overrides. It does not initiate any actions but is crucial for setting up Options Generators that require integration overrides.

Cron Job

Cron jobs are used to schedule tasks that need to run automatically at specific times or intervals. This flexibility allows for a wide range of scheduling options such as daily, monthly, or yearly tasks.

  • Examples:

    • Daily at 6:00 AM

    • Annually on March 24th

    • On the first Monday of each month

    • During the second week of the month

Form Submission

This trigger activates a workflow based on the submission of a Rewst form. It is an effective way to automate processes immediately after data collection from form inputs.

Time Interval

Time intervals can be set to trigger a workflow repeatedly over specified periods. This trigger is suitable for workflows that need to recur on a regular basis.

  • Examples:

    • Every 5 minutes

    • Every hour

    • Daily

    • Weekly


A webhook trigger allows external services to initiate a workflow by sending data directly to Rewst. This is particularly useful for integrating with other applications or services that support webhooks.

Check out our Using Webhook Triggers page for a more detailed example!

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