Get Inspired

One of the most difficult parts of automation is knowing what you want to automate.

As we at Rewst always say, you cannot automate a process that doesn't already exist.

However at Rewst we strive to work with our community to help all MSPs, and our amazing community has helped us to create a list of the most common processes that MSPs automate with their integrations.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it is a great starting point for any MSP looking to automate their processes. The items on this list are not necessarily built already but are meant as a way to get you inspired (see what we did there with the page title?) to start thinking about what you want to automate.

Alert Management
  • Interacting with alerts in a smart way (e.g. suppression, threading, etc.)

  • Alerting when credentials are needed or when device type changes

  • Alerting on new device creation and assigning SNMP credentials

Device Management
  • Pulling device information (IP, hostname, serial, MAC address)

  • Detecting mapping errors

User Management
  • List Tenants

  • Get Tenant

Existing Integration Enhancements
  • Automatically creating tenant accounts when created in other systems (e.g. part of deployment with RMM)

  • Improving the integration between IT Glue and Auvik

  • Enhancing the ability to track billable items in PSA

  • Integrating with custom company statuses and sites

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