NinjaOne Integration Setup

This Integration supports multiple instances

Check out the instructions to set up multiple instances here.


Integrating Rewst with NinjaRMM provides users with a powerful combination of documentation and remote monitoring and management capabilities. By bringing these two platforms together, Rewst users can streamline their operations and enhance efficiency. With the integration, users can seamlessly access and manage NinjaRMM within Rewst, enabling them to monitor and troubleshoot devices, deploy software, and perform remote tasks more effectively. This integration empowers users to centralize their IT documentation and RMM workflows, ensuring a comprehensive and streamlined approach to IT management within the Rewst platform.


Complete Setup in Ninja

First, go to Ninja and complete the following:

  1. Go to Administration -> Library -> Automation.

  2. Click + Add -> New Script on the right.

  3. Add the following script:

Name: Rewst (Windows) 



$rewst_base_url = ""
$script_content_url = "$rewst_base_url/$script_content_path"
$post_url = "$rewst_base_url/$results_postdata_path"

# Download Script Content from Rewst

[Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12
$wc = New-Object System.Net.WebClient
$wc.Encoding = [System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8
$commands = ($wc.DownloadString($script_content_url))

# Execute Script Content

iex $commands

Language: Powershell 
OS: Windows 
Architecture: All 

Complete Setup in Rewst

Follow the below steps to configure a new integration in Rewst:

  1. Log in to the Rewst platform.

  2. Go to Configuration β†’ Integrations menu on the left sidebar.

  3. Click or search for "Ninja".

  4. Select your Region.

  5. Authorize OAuth into Ninja via Microsoft.

    • You should see your customer show up at the bottom.

  6. Click Save.



List Custom Fields for Device​

Returns a list of applicable management options​

GET /device/{id}/custom-fields

Update Field Values​

Update the device's custom field values​

PATCH /device/{id}/custom-fields

Get Last Logged On User For Device​

Returns username that was last to login to the device​

GET /device/{id}/last-logged-on-user

List OS Patches by Device​

Returns list of pending/rejected/approved OS patches for device​

GET /device/{id}/os-patches

Get OS Update Installation Report By Device​

Returns patch installation history records (successful and failed) for the device​

GET /device/{id}/os-patch-installs

Get Software Update History by Device​

Returns 3rd party software patch installation history records for a device (successful and failed)​

GET /device/{id}/software-patch-installs

List Disk Drives by Device​

Returns device disks' details​

GET /device/{id}/disks

List Storage Volumes by Device​

Returns device volumes' details​

GET /device/{id}/volumes

List Processors by Device​

Returns list of device Processor details​

GET /device/{id}/processors

List Installed Software by Device​

Returns list of software installed on a device​

GET /device/{id}/software

Device Alerts (Triggered Conditions) by Device​

Returns list of active alerts (triggered conditions) for device​

GET /device/{id}/alerts

Device Currently Running (Active) Jobs by Device​

Returns currently running jobs for device​

GET /device/{id}/jobs

List Windows Services by Device​

Returns list of Windows Services for a device and their statuses​

GET /device/{id}/windows-services

Get Device Details​

Returns device details​

GET /device/{id}

Get Device Activities​

Returns activity log for device​

GET /device/{id}/activities

Pending, Failed And Rejected Software Patches For Device​

Returns list of 3rd party Software patches for a device (for which there were no installation attempts)​

GET /device/{id}/software-patches


List Group Members' Devices​

Returns list of device identifiers that match group criteria​

GET /group/{id}/device-ids


Reset Alert/Condition And Provide Custom Data For Activity​


Update API Webhook Configuration​

Creates or updates Webhook configuration for the current application/client​

PUT /webhook

Remove Webhook API Channel​

Creates or updates PSA configuration based on client​

DELETE /webhook

Approve/Reject Devices​

Approve or reject devices that are waiting for approval​


Reset Alert/Condition​

DELETE /alert/{uid}

Modify Windows Service Configuration​

Configures Windows Service startup settings​


Reboot Device​

Sends a command to restart the computer​


List Scripting Options by Device​

Returns scripting options (built-in actions, custom scripts) available for device​

GET /device/{id}/scripting/options

Update Device Information​

Change device-friendly name, user data, etc​

PATCH /device/{id}

Returns link to the device​

GET /device/{id}/dashboard-url

Control Windows Service​

Start/Stop/Restart Windows Service on a device​


Schedule Maintenance​

Schedule maintenance window for device​

PUT /device/{id}/maintenance

Cancel Maintenance​

Cancel pending or active maintenance for the device​

DELETE /device/{id}/maintenance

Run Script Or Built In Action​

Run script or built-in action on a device​


Create Location For Organization​

Creates new location for the organization​


Update Organization​

Change organization name, description and policy mappings​

PATCH /organization/{id}

Generate Installer​

Generates and returns URL for an installer for a specified organization/location​

GET /organization/{id}/location/{location_id}/installer/{installer_type}

Update Location​

Change location name, address, description, custom data​

PATCH /organization/{id}/locations/{locationId}

Change Organization Policy Mappings​

Update policy assignment for node role(s). Returns list of affected device IDs​

PUT /organization/{id}/policies


Create New Organization​

Creates a new organization with an optional list of locations and policy mappings. Template organization ID can be specified to copy various settings​


List Organization Locations​

Returns list of locations for organization​

GET /organization/{id}/locations

Get Organization Information​

Returns organization details (policy mappings, locations)​

GET /organization/{id}

List Users for Organization​

Returns list of end-users for organization​

GET /organization/{id}/end-users

List Organization Documents​

Returns organization documents​

GET /organization/{id}/documents

List Organization Devices​

Returns list of devices for organization​

GET /organization/{id}/devices


List Uninstalled OS Patches​

Returns list of OS patches for which there were no installation attempts​

GET /queries/os-patches

List Pending, Failed And Rejected 3rd Party Software Patches​

Returns list of 3rd party Software patches for which there were no installation attempts​

GET /queries/software-patches

List Software Update History​

Returns 3rd party software patch installation history records (successful and failed)​

GET /queries/software-patch-installs

Last Logged On User Report​

Returns usernames and logon times​

GET /queries/logged-on-users

List Custom Fields with Details​

Returns Custom Fields report with additional information about each field​

GET /queries/custom-fields-detailed

List Health Status by Device​

Returns list of device health summary records​

GET /queries/device-health

List Software Inventory​

Returns list software installed on devices​

GET /queries/software

List OS Update Installations​

Returns patch installation history records (successful and failed)​

GET /queries/os-patch-installs

List Antivirus Status by Device​

Returns list of statues of antivirus software installed on devices​

GET /queries/antivirus-status

List Raid Controllers​

Returns list of RAID controllers​

GET /queries/raid-controllers

List Raid Drives​

Returns list of drives connected to RAID controllers​

GET /queries/raid-drives

List Windows Services​

Returns list of Windows Services and their statuses​

GET /queries/windows-services

List Custom Fields​

Returns Custom Fields report​

GET /queries/custom-fields

List Computer Systems​

Returns computer systems information for devices​

GET /queries/computer-systems

List Disk Drives​

Returns list of physical disks​

GET /queries/disks

List Antivirus Threats​

Returns list of antivirus threats​

GET /queries/antivirus-threats

List Operating Systems by Device​

Returns operating systems for devices​

GET /queries/operating-systems

List Processors​

Returns list of processors​

GET /queries/processors

List Disk Volumes​

Returns list of disk volumes​

GET /queries/volumes


List Organizations​

Returns list of organizations (Brief mode)​

GET /organizations

Get Attachment by ID​

Returns attachment (image, document)​

GET /attachment/{id}

List All Device Custom Fields​

Returns list of all custom fields​

GET /device-custom-fields

List Active Alerts (Triggered Conditions)​

Returns list of active alerts/triggered conditions​

GET /alerts

List Organizations with Locations and Policies​

Returns list of organizations with locations and policy mappings​

GET /organizations-detailed

List Device Roles​

Returns list of device roles​

GET /roles

List Supported 3rd Party Software​

Returns available software products (3rd party patching)​

GET /software-products

List Devices (Detailed)​

Returns list of devices with additional information​

GET /devices-detailed

List Active Jobs​

Returns list of running jobs​

GET /jobs

List Locations​

Returns flat list of all locations for all organizations​

GET /locations

List Scheduled Tasks​

Returns list of registered scheduled tasks​

GET /tasks

List Groups (Saved Searches)​

Returns list of groups​

GET /groups

List Activities​

Returns activity log in reverse chronological order​

GET /activities

List Devices​

Returns list of devices (basic node information)​

GET /devices

List Policies​

Returns list of policies​

GET /policies

List Users​

Returns list of users​

GET /users

Search for Devices​

Returns list of entities matching the search term​

GET /devices/search


List Ticket Log Entries​

Get a list of ticket log entries​

GET /ticketing/ticket/{ticketId}/log-entry

List Tickets For Board​

Get list of tickets by Board identifier​


List Boards​

Get list of boards​

GET /ticketing/trigger/boards

List Contacts​

Get list of contacts​

GET /ticketing/contact/contacts

List Ticket Forms​

Get list of ticket forms​

GET /ticketing/ticket-form

Modify Ticket​

Modify a ticket on a board​

PUT /ticketing/ticket/{ticketId}

Create Ticket​


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