Troubleshooting Installation Issues

Should you encounter issues during setup, this section aims to address common problems and their solutions, ensuring a smooth integration experience.

Common Installation Errors

Auth App Registration Error:

  • Symptom: Failure to proceed past the authentication step, not even reaching the Microsoft Auth login screen.

  • Common Cause: This may occur due to a Microsoft Minute delay where the system is still processing the app registration.

  • Solution: Wait a minute or two before attempting to re-authenticate. This allows time for the backend processes to complete.

If you set up your Microsoft integrations Prior to April 2024, you are most likely leveraging the legacy Rewst Prod App Registration for authenticating with your Microsoft Tenant. This setup uses a fixed set of permissions and is scheduled for future deprecation. We recommend transitioning to the Rewst MS Cloud Connector or utilizing an Owned App Registration in your Microsoft tenant for enhanced permission control and a streamlined integration experience.

Legacy App Registration Conflicts:

  • Symptom: Successful authentication only after switching between the new Rewst Cloud Connector and the legacy Rewst Prod App Registration.

  • Potential Cause: Existing Rewst Prod installations in the Microsoft tenant might interfere with the new setup.

  • Solution:

    • Restart the integration wizard from the beginning.

    • Make sure all configuration steps are correctly completed. Pay extra attention to step 2 and confirm that a notification appears, indicating that the configurations have been updated.

Verify Rewst Prod Installation

The Rewst Prod App is necessary for authentication and might already be installed in your Microsoft Tenant. Existing installations could influence the new authorization processes.

Note: The Rewst Prod App is mainly used for authentication purposes. It should be maintained but with limited permissions, only necessary for Rewst login.

Future Updates: The Rewst Prod App remains essential for Rewst login authentication. Upcoming updates will restrict its permissions to those strictly needed for logging in, improving security.

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