Liongard Integration Setup

Liongard Integration Setup

To set up the Liongard Integration, you'll need to perform the following steps:

  1. Enter your Liongard URL. Match the prefix of the URL to your ROAR instance.

  2. Go to your Liongard dashboard to generate an access token.

  3. Navigate to Profile -> Account Settings -> Access Tokens -> Generate New Token -> Liongard API Token

  4. Select "Unlimited" for the expiration time period. If unlimited is not selected, your integration may break unexpectedly when the token expires.

  5. Copy the "Access Key ID" and "Access Key Secret" from the pop-up.

  6. Navigate to the integrations page in Rewst.

  7. Click on the Liongard integration.

  8. Fill out the integration form, pasting the "Access Key ID" and "Access Key Secret" from Liongard.

  9. Submit the form.

Having issues? Review Liongards' Documentation Here.

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