Pod Configuration

ConnectWise Pods are a great method of getting information from Rewst into different areas within CWM, such as service desk tickets.

Pod Authorization

Note that pods do not allow the use of the fat client due to authorization pass-through issues. This means that you can use the web client to access pods.

How to Configure ConnectWise Pods

In order to configure the connection between your pods and Rewst, follow the below steps:

  1. Login to ConnectWise Manage as a user that has access to the Setup Tables (likely an admin account).

  2. Click the System icon on the bottom right of the CWM UI.

  3. Click On the Setup Tables menu that appears.

  4. Enter \*api\ In the table filter and your returned result should be "Manage Hosted API".

  5. Click Add and use the below settings:

    1. Description - Enter Rewst

    2. Screen - For our example, we use "Service Tickets"

  6. Select Pod.


Note that you will need to add your ownorg_idto the URL above. This can be obtained by going to Rewst and looking at the URL. Also, note that[cw_id]should be left as is.

Adding Pods to Tickets

  1. Click the Settings icon in the top right.

  2. Select Pod Configuration.

Selecting the Settings Icon
  1. Move the Rewst pods to the 'Displayed' table.

Adding Rewst Configured Pods

Firefox Dynamic State Partitioning

An issue arises with Firefox's Dynamic State Partitioning where the default network.cookie.cookieBehavior value of 5 rejects (known) trackers and partitions third-party storage, hindering the authentication process and causing a logged GraphQL error. This issue also occurs with embedded forms.

Firefox users must set network.cookie.cookieBehavior to 4 for successful pod authentication.

Consult the official Firefox documentation for more information: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Privacy/State_Partitioning#disable_dynamic_state_partitioning.\

You will have a workflow called [Rewst Master v3] Pods: Technician Toolbox within your organization.

Re-running a pod from a ticket

Let's imagine you have a ticket that has had its associated pod workflow execution expire (or fail for one reason or another). If you attempt to view the pod in the ticket you will see something along the lines of:

To execute a new instance of the pod click on the 'Links' dropdown in the ticket and choose 'Rewst - Start Pod on this Ticket'

After you have used this button a web page will open and then close, this will send a request to the Live Link trigger and start a new execution for that ticket. Allow some time to pass for the ticket to update, you should see the pod populate once the execution has gone through.

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