From Scales to Feathers

Rewst resources for Dinosaurs who want to evolve into Chickens

Stay tuned for Reed's Scales to Feathers contributions coming soon!

Introducing Kewp Member: Reed Kimble

Reed Kimble brings a wealth of knowledge with over 25 years in IT and 20+ years in .Net development. As a long time Microsoft MVP and Community Contributor, Reed is at the forefront of teaching and enabling others, and his work mirrors his commitment to innovation and learning. Outside the digital space, he appreciates the tranquility of natural settings, reflecting a balanced approach to life and technology.

Guiding the Evolution from Legacy to Modern Development

Reed's series "Scales to Feathers" offers a bridge from traditional programming to modern web development, a valuable resource for those transitioning from desktop and backend server coding to contemporary web technologies. His practical guidance, rooted in deep experience, paves the way for seasoned programmers to adapt and thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

Who's This For:

  • Programmers with a background in desktop app or backend server development.

  • Individuals familiar with languages like BASIC, C/C++, .Net/Java, seeking to transition to Web 3.0+ technologies.

  • Developers interested in learning about Workflow Actions and Jinja templating in a modern web context.

  • Tech professionals eager to update their skills and understand contemporary web development practices.

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