Microsoft Graph Integration Setup

Microsoft Graph is now part of our new Microsoft Cloud Integration Bundle! 🌟 We've combined our Microsoft integrations into a single, streamlined package for easier management and enhanced security.

This individual guide is specific to the Microsoft Graph section. You can learn more about the entire bundle on the Microsoft Cloud Integration Bundle page.


The Microsoft Graph integration within the Rewst Microsoft Cloud Integration Bundle facilitates seamless interaction with Microsoft services like Office 365, Azure Active Directory, SharePoint, and more. This integration is designed to simplify access to a wide array of Microsoft products through a single API endpoint.

Key Features

  • Unified API Access: Connect to multiple Microsoft services through one API for efficient data management.

  • Data Management: Read and write data across various Microsoft platforms.

  • User and Access Management: Manage user identities and access permissions seamlessly.

  • Enhanced Workflow Integration: Automate and integrate workflows to enhance productivity across services like Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Perform analytics on user activities and generate reports to drive decision-making.

Setup Instructions

The setup process starts within the Microsoft Cloud Integration Bundle page. Review Initial setup and first two steps there for further information. For Graph specific permissions review step 3 below:

Step 3: Tenant Permissions

  • You will be presented with a list of necessary permissions for Microsoft Graph, which typically includes operations like reading and writing data, managing users, accessing calendars and contacts, and more.

  • Recommended permissions are pre-selected, but you can adjust them according to your organizational needs.

  • Click Next to proceed to Step 4

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Authorization Issues: If you encounter problems during the authorization step, ensure that you are using the correct account and that all permissions are properly set.

  • Permission Configuration Errors: Double-check the permissions if there are issues with accessing certain functionalities. Ensure that the appropriate permissions are enabled and correctly configured.

For troubleshooting tips, check out the Troubleshooting Installation Issues and Common Issues with Microsoft Bundle pages.

Best Practices for Microsoft Integrations

For best practice information please refer to: Best Practices for Microsoft Integrations.

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