Workflow Building Tips & Tricks

Presenter: Brandon Pettit


Before you dive into building automation, we want to talk about some tips & tricks for optimizing your automation-building process. Let's delve into some essential techniques that will enhance your workflow creation experience.

Document Your Workflows

Documentation is a key aspect of effective automation development. This practice benefits not only your collaborators but also your future self. There are two primary methods to achieve this:

  • Descriptions for Actions: When configuring actions, take advantage of the description field. This provides a clear explanation of the intended outcome for each action.

  • Adding Notes to Workflows: By right-clicking and selecting "Add Notes," you can create annotations that detail the purpose and processes within your workflow. This feature is particularly useful for comprehensive insights into action sequences.

Organize Workflows

Keeping your workflows well-organized is crucial for ease of navigation and understanding. Employ the "Multi Select" feature to streamline your organization's efforts:

  • Multi Select with Shift Key: Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and click on multiple actions to select them simultaneously.

  • Duplicate and Delete Actions: After selecting multiple actions, right-click to access options for duplicating or deleting them. This simplifies managing and relocating actions.

  • Combine with Notes: To enhance organization, consider combining the multi-select feature with adding notes. Group actions and surround them with informative notes for enhanced clarity.

Favorite Actions for Quick Access

Boost your workflow-building speed by favoriting actions you frequently use. This accelerates the process of adding commonly employed actions to your canvases:

  • Mark Actions as Favorites: Navigate to your actions and locate the star icon next to each action. Clicking on the star marks the action as a favorite.

  • Quick Access to Favorite Actions: Return to your canvas and right-click to find your favorite actions instantly accessible. This feature saves time and enhances workflow creation efficiency.

  • Manage Favorite Actions: You have the ability to manage your favorite actions from the top menu. You can remove actions from your list of favorites as needed.


By integrating these valuable tips and tricks into your automation-building process, you'll significantly enhance your efficiency and productivity. From thorough documentation to strategic organization and quick access, these techniques empower you to create automation seamlessly.

Thank you for exploring these innovative approaches to automation building. We're excited to see the impact these practices will have on your future projects. Stay tuned for more valuable insights in our upcoming guides.

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