IT Glue Integration Setup

This Integration supports multiple instances

Check out the instructions to set up multiple instances here.

IT Glue's API access is limited to users of the legacy Classic (pre 2018) and Enterprise level plans only. See [yourdomain] for details on your organization's plan and usage.

For more information on IT Glue's plans and pricing review the IT Glue pricing page.

Integrating Rewst with IT Glue brings powerful documentation capabilities to your applications, enhancing IT knowledge management and streamlining workflows. With the integration, Rewst users can seamlessly access and collaborate on IT Glue's documentation repository, gaining centralized access to critical information, configurations, and processes. By leveraging IT Glue's robust documentation features, Rewst users can improve efficiency, ensure consistency, and enhance IT service delivery. This integration empowers IT teams to leverage the collective knowledge and expertise stored in IT Glue, enabling them to troubleshoot issues, onboard new team members, and deliver exceptional IT support through Rewst's integrated platform.


  1. Generate an API user in IT Glue.

  2. Generate an API key in IT Glue by referring to the IT Glue documentation.

  3. Navigate to the integrations page in Rewst.

  4. Click on the IT Glue integration.

  5. Fill out the configuration form.

  6. Click on the Save Configuration button.

Generating an API key

All API endpoints require authentication using a private API key. You can generate one or more API keys for your account. To generate a new API key:

  1. Navigate to Account β†’ Settings.

    • You will need to be a User with an Administrator role.

  2. Click on API Keys β†’ Custom API Keys.

  3. Enter a name for the key.

  4. Click Generate API Key.

    • You will not be able to view a key again after it has been generated.

For security, an optional Password Access setting is provided for each API key. Password values can be accessed from the Passwords API only if this setting is enabled. Note that Rewst will need Password Access to be enabled for full functionality.

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