Prebuilt Automation To Start

There is a known issue with the initial Crate Trigger Enabled slider not working as expected. To ensure the trigger is disabled, make sure the trigger is disabled during the unpacking configuration.

Leveraging crates in Rewst will help you set up your first out-of-the-box automation. Unpacking a crate means you get all the forms, triggers, and workflows that your automation needs to run smoothly.

Our team has built over 120 crates and is still building more.

Ensure Integration Setup

Before unpacking crates, make sure your integrations are set up. If you need help with that, check out the Setting Up Your Integrations video.

Accessing the Crate Marketplace

  • All prepackaged crates live in the Crate Marketplace.

  • Generally created by our ROC team, some crates are also contributed by the broader Rewst community.

  • All crates are free for you to use as needed.

  • From the dashboard, use the side menu to navigate to Crates and then Crate Marketplace.

  • You can use the search bar to find specific crates. For now, select Getting Started Crates and filter by that tag.

Selecting and Unpacking Crates

  • These crates are the ones you want to unpack first.

  • Crates in this section have the Getting Started tag in the bottom quadrant.

Unpacking the Add Client to Rewst Crate

  • Click on the crate to open it.

  • Under the "What's being installed" section, there are three collapsed lists: Workflows, Triggers, and Forms. Open each to see what's included.

Reviewing Triggers

  • Always review the trigger section before unpacking the crate.

  • Any crate from the Getting Started section is marked safe to install immediately. Checking the trigger is toggled off is a good habit.

Authorizing Integrations

  • Click Unpack Crate. If there are any prerequisites (e.g., authorizing Microsoft integration), it will be indicated.

  • Click Continue if prerequisites are already met.

Configuring the Crate

  • In the crate configuration settings, the most important is to add your time savings for accurate reporting.

  • Find the enabled toggle under trigger settings and turn it off before unpacking.

  • Select Unpack.

Make sure the trigger is enabled for the proper organization when you are ready to go live!

Final Steps

  • Larger crates might take a while to unpack, but the process will continue in the background.

  • Unpacking a crate won't make the automation run; you need to turn the trigger on for the work to happen.

  • Open the workflow to review it before enabling your trigger. Check the connected form and update any necessary settings. When done, press Submit to save.

  • The side panel provides additional information about the crate and all connected workflows.

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