Agent Smith

Rewst's lean, open-source command executor that fits right into your Rewst workflows.

Built with Python and leveraging Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Agent Smith is all about keeping things fast, simple, and within your control. Agent Smith steps in to fill any gaps in your ability to execute scripts and syncs smoothly within your workflows.

Share feedback, and help us buff out any rough edges by joining the early birds.

Agent Smith Features & Benefits:

  • Speedy Script Execution: Overcomes traditional RMM task execution speed challenges.

  • Open Source Customization: Available on GitHub, fully manageable through your Azure Tenant and Rewst workflows.

  • Free and Cost-Effective: Operates potentially under Azure's free tier, depending on usage.

  • Easy Setup: Simple device and service provisioning via Rewst Crates, suitable for domain controllers and endpoints.

  • Secure CI/CD: Ensures security and validity with automated builds, cryptographic signing, and SHA256 hashing.

  • Seamless Integration: Waits for JSON messages, fitting effortlessly into existing automations.

Zero Cost, Zero Guarantees. While we're confident Agent Smith won't cause any tech havoc, please ensure you'll be able to test in a lab environment first.

Remember, this is your agent. Modify it, tweak it, make it yours. And if you're up for sharing, we'd love to include your expertise in the repository! Join the โ #agent-smith channel on our Discord for more details and updates.

Check out the Agent Smith Configuration Overview page to set up and configure!

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