February 24th 2023 - NC20 and R0C2 Show Off Auvik Integration and Workflows

This call is for people who are:

  • Interested in building their own workflows

  • Wanting to stay on top of new developments

  • Want to learn more about Rewst and participate in the community

  • We will talk about the platform, news, some training, and any Q&A.

  • As always, feel free to unmute and interrupt us, this is an interactive call!

Contents of the recording

Contents of the Call

This week Aharon is returning from Right of Boom at warp speed. NC20 Human Automation relations and his counterparts R0C2 and Shay from the Matrix show off the Auvik Integration, Workflow Demos, and a Crate demo! NickC20 starts us off with an update from the Dev Team and what's been released this week, announcing the Auvik integration, available today, as well as some bug fixes and what's in testing and development.

Next, our Dev team shows off the Auvik integration and then some ROC members show off some awesome workflows you won't want to miss. Then Shay from the Matrix shows up to show off a Create example? How many sci-fi references can we make in this description?

Tune in next time for [insert sci-fi reference here]!

How to get help from the ROC

How to get help - Engage the ROC in Slack - Email support coming soon! - [FUTURE] Live chat in the app - Would this be helpful to people? - Documentation - https://rewst.help - Feature Requests - https://rewst.canny.io/

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