August 11th 2023 - If You Smell What the ROC is Cooking

This call is for people who are:

  • Interested in building their own workflows

  • Wanting to stay on top of new developments

  • Want to learn more about Rewst and participate in the community

  • We will talk about the platform, news, some training, and any Q&A.

  • As always, feel free to unmute and interrupt us, this is an interactive call!

Contents of the recording

Contents of the Call

In this call, we cover the following:

  • 🏢 Tim demos how to determine which Organization you’re working in

  • 🪨 Adam introduces the new members of the ROC

  • 🐺 3G from the ROC demos a workflow to audit

  • ⚙️ James from the ROC demos a workflow that automatically adds configuration items to an Autotask ticket

  • 💾 Brandon from eTop demos a workflow that makes a ticket when Immybot detects a device’s storage goes below 15%

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