February 3rd 2023 - AI generated diagnostics!

This call is for people who are:

  • Interested in building their own workflows

  • Wanting to stay on top of new developments

  • Want to learn more about Rewst and participate in the community

  • We will talk about the platform, news, some training, and any Q&A.

  • As always, feel free to unmute and interrupt us, this is an interactive call!

Contents of the recording

Contents of the Call

On this ROC call, Nick starts us off as ever talking about the latest developments from the Development Team.

Then Matt from the ROC shows off his new workflow to manage calendar permissions from a form, discussing potential improvements around putting it in the hands of your clients themselves with a process approval!

We then move on to a discussion around the new AI generated diagnostics for your techs using ticket information!

We finish off with a few discussions the product roadmap, common issues and more!

How to get help from the ROC

How to get help - Engage the ROC in Slack - Email support coming soon! - [FUTURE] Live chat in the app - Would this be helpful to people? - Documentation - https://rewst.help - Feature Requests - https://rewst.canny.io/

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