May 31st 2024

Explore the new changes to the Marketplace in the last week!

This can be anything from new crates, enhancements, or bug fixes!

New crates and enhancements
  • Rewst: User Onboarding

    • Changed manual license approval to CWM ticket link as default behavior. To use pod notifications, set the use_pod_notifications org variable to true.

    • Updated to allow for exclusion of vars in initial description template(s) by adding onboard_excluded_org_variables.

    • Added support for purchasing licenses through TD SYNNEX Stellr.

    • Added Direct License purchase approval through ticket approval link by setting org variable m365_require_authorization_for_new_licenses to '1'.

Bug fixes and chores
  • Configure Organizational Variables

    • Updated the form to correctly auto-populate with the default values from the options-generators

  • Rewst: User Offboarding

    • Fixed the External Note action to set both an internal and external note if the proper conditions are met.

    • Adjusted all options-gen fields that return an ID to not allow custom input in the form.

  • Sync LastLoggedInUser to PSA Config Item

    • Updated datto_psa_configuration_items_query to have isActive set to True to avoid inactive items being returned.

  • Rewst: User Onboarding

    • Fixed workflow failures when both CWM and Halo are installed in the same org.

    • Enhanced device matching process to handle instances where systemName is not provided, preventing workflow failures.

Coming soon!
  • Rewst: User Offboarding

    • On-prem AD support

  • Document M365 Environment

    • Support for Hudu

  • Document User Details

    • Support for Hudu

  • Document Group Details

    • Support for Hudu

  • Document Shared Mailbox Details

    • Support for Hudu

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