February 3rd 2023

Explore what new changes the Dev team has deployed in the last week!

This can be anything from new features, bug fixes or QoL changes!

New features and items
  • Improved/refactored cloning - shallow cloning

  • Integrated with Orbit

Bug fixes and chores
  • Fixed CW Automate "New Running Script"

  • Fixed clone un-linking

  • Fixed time Interval sensor doesn't run for all activated orgs

  • Fixed cloning bug where workflow timeout was validating against the wrong task timeouts causing some clone requests to hang

  • Fixed CloudFront Forbidden error when using ConnectWise Manage generic API calls

  • Conditionally show “Run For” section of Triggers if the trigger is able to be run for other orgs

  • Prevent sending markdown fields on form submission

In review, testing and development
  • Azure integration

  • Add timezone support for cron triggers

  • Add ability to favorite actions

  • Fix cloning items with circular references

  • Allow webhooks to receive workflow output

  • Add Rewst Actions for User Invites, Users, and Forms

  • Allow users to “favorite” actions

  • Microsoft graph subscription triggers

  • Add a action to check if an org has MS CSP consent

If you'd like to see these in action, review the latest Open Mic recording here

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