February 2nd 2024

Explore what new changes the Dev team has deployed in the last week!

This can be anything from new features, bug fixes, or QoL changes!

New features and items
  • Deployed a new integration for Nerdio

  • Added an Override Option flag to the option generator field on forms

  • Added a combine filter to Jinja to allow merging of dictionaries

  • Removed the Microsoft Tennant ID restriction from user invites. You can now invite any business email address to your organization.

  • Added default fallback page for App Platform on routing failures

  • Added new Jinja filters for various types of hashing

  • Expose post trigger save mutation errors in the UI

  • Added new IT Glue actions for Related Items

  • Added a new Auvik region: US 5

  • Added categorization tags to the Auvik integration

  • Added support for application/json in oauth_token_request_content_type for Custom Integrations

  • Added Get Metrics V2 action to Liongard

  • Added workflow diff view to the publish modal on the workflow builder

  • Workflow normalization part 1

Bug fixes and chores
  • Fixed User Defined Fields for Datto PSA webhooks

  • Fixed a bug with updating the default home page in app platform

  • Fixed a number of page navigation issues with links and the sidebar in app platform

  • Fixed the quantity parameter for subscriptions action in the Synnex integration

  • Fixed a bug where the SUCCEEDED and FAILED keywords were not being properly evaluated in jinja

  • Fixed a bug where searching in an autocomplete field was not returning correct results

  • Fixed a problem where ConnectWise Automate New Computer trigger wasn't updating the last search date in the database causing it to miss new computers

  • Fixed the results key for SentinelOne Sites actions

  • Fixed a bug where Re-run Workflow was not including trigger data

  • Fixed incorrect icon display on the nav bar

  • Prevent components getting caught in a render loop on App Platform

  • Fixed a bug in App Platform where multiple WorkflowInput values were not being passed to triggered workflows

  • Fixed Datto PSA Contact v2 action to have the correct data type for the isActive field

  • Renamed the Nable integration

  • Fixed pagination for the Hubspot generic api action

  • Fixed a bug with the Pax8 Cancel Subscription action where the wrong data type was being used for a path parameter

  • Fixed a bug with Crate unpacking by preventing null triggers from being passed in overrides

  • Fixed a bug where redis connections were being disconnected prior to being removed from the connection pool

  • Fixed IT Glue actions for Flexible Asset Fields

  • Hide the workflow input section on forms when there are no inputs

  • Added Remove-MailboxFolderPermission to the Microsoft Exchange integration

  • Added error boundaries to datatable so the page doesn't crash when a datatable has an error in App Platform

  • Prevent clone syncing error due to null clone_overrides

  • Fixed a number of problems with data tables and column generation in App Platform

  • Added custom integrations to the reauth-integrations cron job so credentials are kept active

  • Fixed inconsistent trigger output rendering in App Platform

  • Fixed a bug with saving workflows to commponents in App Platform

  • Refactored Jinja rendering in App Platform

In review, testing and development
  • Custom integrations v2

  • Microsoft refactor to allow for better permission system

  • Workflow version control

  • Jinja live editor immprovements

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