November 18th 2022

Explore what new changes the Dev team has deployed in the last week!

This can be anything from new features, bug fixes or QoL changes!

New features and items
  • Added a dialog to display all workflows/triggers a form is used with as well as the form URLs

  • Added a button to refresh Microsoft CSP customer list

  • Added dynamic options for form fields that accept Rewst organizations or users

  • Added Get Date action with timezone options (Transforms pack)

  • Added action to get CW Automate script execution history

  • [Internal] Added staff only button to delete organizations

  • [Internal] Added staff only button to delete users

Bug fixes and chores
  • Fixed bug where workflow generated option fields would get stuck in a loading state

  • Updated Microsoft EXO actions to retry with alternate X-AnchorMailbox headers in the event of a failure when running Set-[...] or Add-MailboxPermission cmdlets

  • Fixed bug where empty With Items tasks could cause workflows to hang indefinitely

  • Include integration icon link with public API responses

  • Improvements to loading and lifecycle for dynamic dropdowns. (performance/cleanup)

  • Fixed table sorting on the org variables page in the UI

  • Fixed missing data supplied to Kaseya BMS PATCH requests

  • Made form and webhook URLs sorted and searchable

  • Utilize round-robin messaging architecture for internal event publishing (performance/scalability)

  • Increase rows per page options for tables

  • Changed the org picker sorting to be case insensitive

  • [Internal] Improve incoming API request logging

In review and testing
  • SonicWall NSM integration

  • Fix CW Manage pods not refreshing

  • Add generic API request for HubSpot

  • Crowdstrike Falcon integration

  • JumpCloud integration

  • Fix CW Control not running powershell scripts correctly

  • Add role attribute to the Rewst Create User Invite action

  • Hide secrets in workflow parameters

  • Automatically retry HTTP requests on connection errors during actions

In Development
  • Update Integration Overrides to work with Export/Import & Cloning

  • Overhauls to the Cloning process, including the cloning of triggers

  • Add periodic token refresh so in the case of an integration not being used for a long time, the refresh token doesn’t expire

  • Investigate a bug report regarding Integration Overrides being removed when a user re-authenticates MS Graph

  • Allow filtering the workflow list by tags

  • Investigate a bug where cloning a Workflow is blocked with a message indicated it’s linked, but the UI is not showing it as linked

  • Optimize Jinja conditions for forms

  • Improvements to cron trigger performance

If you'd like to see these in action, review the latest Open Mic recording here

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