June 9th 2023

Explore what new changes the Dev team has deployed in the last week!

This can be anything from new features, bug fixes or QoL changes!

New features and items
  • Updated Slack permissions to allow for custom icons/usernames

  • Updated Slack permissions to include ‘Channels:manage’

  • Updated Graph permissions to include ‘ChannelSettings.ReadWrite.All’

  • Updated Graph permissions to include ‘Teamworktag’

  • Improved performance of form condition evaluations

  • Upgraded to Python 3.11

  • Added missing Exchange Online headers

  • Allow admin level users to delete managed orgs

  • Added a url field to the OpenAI configuration to allow users to point at an Azure hosted version of OpenAI

  • Added actions to DattoPSA for Document endpoints

  • Added the ability to create tags from the workflow creation modal

Bug fixes and chores
  • Fixed Acronis List Tenant Agents action parameter that had the incorrect parameter

  • Fixed mislabeled parameter in Acronis Agent Registration action

  • Fixed null attribute error when crates do not have a primary pack defined

  • Fixed error for Risky User Detection triggers

  • Added New-DistributionGroup to Anchor Header requirement to fix error

  • Fixed bug where IT Glue List Passwords was not filtering correctly

  • Fixed bug where users were unable to select an organization in an integrations org mapping table

  • Fixed a bug where re-running a sub-workflow would rerun the parent workflow with the sub-workflow inputs

  • Updated labels for the core password generation action

In review, testing and development
  • Crates tagging

  • Sophos integration

  • Action to parse HTML and XML

If you'd like to see these in action, review the latest Open Mic recording here

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