May 3rd, 2024 - The Flow Announcement that Made Our Marketing Team Nervous

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Contents of the Recording:

🌊 Aharon reveals a new speaker for FLOW.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Nick provides updates from the Dev Team.

πŸ“š Brandon shares the latest from the Edu Team.

🎯 Grant and Lu demonstrate how to use Trigger Criteria.

πŸ€– Daemon showcases two automations: one that creates and manages Slack channels and user invites when projects are ready for dispatch, and another that closes Slack channels and generates a post-mortem report upon project completion.

πŸ“± Sam demos an App Platform page that lets customers update phone numbers and reactivate accounts themselves, reducing the need for direct support by enabling managers or contacts to handle changes directly through an automated workflow.

πŸ”„ Nick shows a workflow that manages ticket mirroring across different boards in ConnectWise

πŸ› οΈ Nick demos an App Platform Page that centralizes control over billable modifications and priority status management in ConnectWise, ensuring only authorized adjustments while keeping it hidden from non-essential staff.

πŸš€ Daniel demonstrates a workflow that facilitates the migration of assets from IT Glue to Hudu

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