October 27, 2023

Explore what new changes the Training team has made in the last week.

General News and Reminders
  • Game Tip for the Week: If you're looking to buy games for yourself or your loved ones for the holidays, stay patient for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond. It might sound obvious, but some people don't realize that even new games can get deals when the holiday sales kick-off. Well, except for Nintendo games...

  • ANNOUNCING: Fast Track Onboarding

    • Join in on this weekly webinar series happening Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays to expedite your Rewst onboarding experience.

  • Join us for our regularly scheduled Training:

    • Mondays: Rewst 101 @ 12pm EST + Rewst 104 @ 1:15pm EST

    • Tuesdays: Rewst 102 @ 12pm EST + Rewst 105 @ 1:15pm EST

    • Wednesdays: Rewst 103 @ 12pm EST + Rewst 106 @ 1:15pm EST

    • Thursdays: Cluck U Office Hours @ 11am EST

  • Join us in our new Cluck-U Discord channel if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

Cluck U and Documentation Updates

Cluck University

  • 201 and 202 are actively being prepared for launch! Look forward to more information to sign up soon!

  • Our Discord Getting Started section is now ready to use! This includes the following posts to guide you through the flow:

    • Verify Yourself into the Kewp

    • Engaging with the ROC to get Support

    • Nestle in the Kewp and see what resources and channels you have

    • Getting Familiar with Rewst

    • Fast Track Onboarding with Group sessions

    • Launch your Cluck U Experience!

    • Take the Role Alignment Exam to help us identify how we can best support you!

  • Updates and Fixes:


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