June 17th 2022 - How to use Jinja in Rewst

This call discusses what Jinja is, how to use it and some examples of how it can be used within Rewst to manipulate and transform your data, as well as filters that are implemented within the platform such as " | upper" and "| random"

A few of these examples are below

:::info {{ output }}

  • "{{ }}" is used to output whatever is inside. ::: :::info

  • "{% %}

" is used when setting a variable, no output here. ::: :::info {# Comment #}

  • "{# #}" can be used to add comments into the code. ::: :::info {{- output -}}

  • "{{- -}}" removes any whitepsacing around the output. :::

If you're not sure what these are, make sure you watch the video in this recording!

Additional Resources

Jinja Live Parser: https://j2live.ttl255.com/

Jinja Filter Documentation: https://jinja.palletsprojects.com/en/3.1.x/templates/#builtin-filters

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