January 20th 2023 - Backend Re-Architecture Episode II - Attack of the Clones

This call is for people who are:

  • Interested in building their own workflows

  • Wanting to stay on top of new developments

  • Want to learn more about Rewst and participate in the community

  • We will talk about the platform, news, some training, and any Q&A.

  • As always, feel free to unmute and interrupt us, this is an interactive call!

Contents of the recording

Contents of the Call

Kicking off this week, Nick reviews the Development Teams changes the updated way to track time savings for workflow runs in the platform. Zach also covers the new cloning platform and the benefits that will provide to the crate marketplace.

From the ROC side, Greggory covers a workflow that removes potential phishing emails from a clients inbox.

Keep an eye out for that in the crate marketplace soon!

Next Ryan from dev-source shows off an automation to allow managers to reset their employees passwords and provides an in-depth look at how he built out his workflow.

We then talked a bit about Kelvin's CTF Challenge for MSPs

As always, we finished off with some questions and feedback from the group!

How to get help from the ROC

How to get help - Engage the ROC in Slack - Email support coming soon! - [FUTURE] Live chat in the app - Would this be helpful to people? - Documentation - https://rewst.help - Feature Requests - https://rewst.canny.io/

Updates for the week
  • Check out the release notes here

Learning Topic

Show & TellRyan Ybarra talks all things SSPR!

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